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How we Started in the Lifestyle

So hubby and I had many, many conversations about what types of things we would like to do with another couple and what types of rules we wanted to follow…some that got thrown out the window right away! Should we kiss? How about watching each other? What about the big finish?  With who? What to do? So many things! Some for us were never a question but others?  Being flexible is key, you can’t set things in stone because you never know until the time comes!

With this in mind, we were interested to see what opportunities would come our way.  We had been onSLS, working on our profile and figuring out what pictures to add.  Then we got our first email!!!!  We opened it and we were both like OMG she is so cute!!!!  She asked if we had any pics, and I was going to post them that day, so I sent her one.  She said we were cute too!!!! We felt like a bunch of giggly school girls!!!  We exchanged a few teasing emails and we still didn’t know etiquette or if there were any rules…so I told her our names and sent her my phone number.

A few days later, after some hot loving, I got a text.  Hubby and I were all cuddly in bed and I checked it and was like “it’s her!!!!” So we were texting back and forth and she sent us some naughty pictures…the rest of us exchanged phone numbers so all four of us were texting.  We decided to meet the following week.  We set up a babysitter and kept texting. It shifted to my hubby to her and her hubby to me texting each other.  Lots of dirty, dirty things and pics. We were still virgins and shy, so we didn’t send any naughty pics yet.

So the night we met, we were so nervous!!!! It’s like a first date, but with couples.  We met at a bar for some drinks.  We got to sit and talk and just hang out and see how comfortable we were with each other.  Pictures really don’t give people justice…it really is all about the personalities.  I was a little unsure about hubby from the pics, but when we met, everything was fine…they were both so nice and fun to hang out with.  After a few hours, my hubby asked if they wanted to come back to our place!!! The vibe was good, so why not!

So we got back to our house, sent the babysitter on her way and went to hang out in our playroom in the basement.  We sat around talking and generally being a little nervous, until finally she suggested we get it started.  So she climbed on top of her hubby and started kissing him and I did the same to mine, right next to each other on the couch.  Things started to progress and clothes started moving around and body parts were poking out…I heard “Look honey, she has big boobies!”…lol!  That totally helped lighten the mood and then she and I started kissing…next thing I know, we are missing clothes and the boys started losing theirs too.   After a little of that we were all naked and really fooling around with our spouses and she said, “well, are we going to fuck or what?” and we proceeded to swap.

Normally I’m a go for it kind of girl, but I was definitely on the hesitant side of this for some reason.  I think I was worried that we were fundamentally going to ruin our awesome marriage because of this, and I wasn’t really sure how into it I really was.  But I thought, it was just sex, nothing else!  It had never been a problem for me before, so why let it be now?   Then hubby basically jumped her with glee right in front of me and there was no turning back.

So, her hubby and I started kissing and I realized it really was just about sex and nothing else.  It helped put me at ease and really start to get into it.  We all fooled around with each other a lot!  Lots of kissing and touching and sucking…it was strange having someone go down on you after ten years of just your husband doing it!  But it was cool…my hubby brought her to orgasm and she squirted right on his face. Surprise!!!! And it is strange to suck another guys cock with your husband right near you.  Next thing I know hubby starts fucking her…now that was hard to see…I’m not going to lie…so I had to distract myself somehow, so I stopped kissing him and asked if he wanted me to hop on. He said, “What?”. And I said “sorry, that is something hubby and I say, do you want me to climb on top?” So I got a condom, rolled it on and proceeded to climb on his cock.  Well, that was a very different experience and it felt so naughty!!!!  There was my husband fucking his wife and here we are fucking each other…bizarre, yet so fun!  We switched positions a few times and then switched back to our spouses and then we just stopped.

We hung out talking for a while, they are so cool and open and straight forward, so it was easy to talk about awkward things and clear up any issues.  For being first timers, it went really, really well!  We got to see what it was like and figure out what worked and what didn’t.  Needless to say, hubby and I had lots of things to talk about after this and it of course added fuel to our sexual fire!  We liked it so much though, that we had a playdate with them a few days later!!!

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